Messager® - Blason® - Bastid®


Messager® - Blason® - Bastid®

Country: France

Messager® results from a new vision of grape protection against powdery and downy mildew by a product without classification, without residue and 100% natural. It is used preventively at the beginning of the vine growth cycle or from fruit set in combination with a fungicide program with doses reduced by 20 to 30%.

The product is registered on the list of Biocontrol products of the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food and is granted CEPP status (Certificat d’Economie de Produits Phytosanitaires – Certificate of Phytosanitary Products Savings) because it is recognized to allow reduction of fungicide use in grapevine and vegetable crops.

Messager® - Blason  ® - Bastid® are a communication asset for those winegrowers in France who use it. Indeed, the wine sector is looking for this type of non-chemical product without classification and without residues.

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Registered uses:

Crop Pest Dose rate Number of sprayings PHI
Grape Powdery mildew / Downy mildew 2 L/ha Max. 8 3 days
Vegetable crops (Tomato, zucchini, cucumber, sweet pepper, strawberry) Powdery mildew 4 L/ha Max. 5 3 days
* Pre-Harvest Interval

Distributor for France:

La cour d'Hénon,
RD 347
4 Avenue de la C.E.E.
86170 CISSÉ