Founded in 2009, FytoFend is known for the development, production and international marketing of the active substance COS-OGA, a biological stimulator of plant defences efficient against fungal diseases, without toxicity or ecotoxicity.

After a pre-pilot and then a pilot phase, FytoFend built in 2019 its industrial production site at the Créalys® Parc in Isnes (Gembloux, Belgium).

Even more recently (2021), FytoFend has set up its own research centre.

Research at the heart of our business

Since its inception, FytoFend has always placed great emphasis on industrial research.
This culminated in the establishment of our own research centre

“Thanks to powerful metabolomics tools and the mastery of bioassays with pathogens, our research centre enables us to deepen our knowledge of the COS-OGA complex and to prospect for new elicitors by biological screening of candidate substances.”

From an original idea to a recognised company


Discovery of COS-OGA


Filing of a first patent


Creation of the company FytoSave SA and pre-pilote phase


Filing of a second patent, pilote phase, submission of the COS-OGA registration dossier at EU level


First registration granted for FytoSave


Major Label extension on grape in most of EU countries


Building of our industrial facilities


Set up of our own research center

Story to be continued

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