Ibisco® is a disruptive and robust elicitor of crop defences, based on COS-OGA active substance, the first “low-risk active substance” adopted at European level which consists of a patented complex of natural oligosaccharides.

It acts preventively by activating the crop’s natural defences to counter fungal attacks. In Italy, Ibisco® represents a sustainable solution to fight powdery mildew on vegetables, strawberries, grape but also rice blast and downy mildew on baby leaf crops. Ibisco® shows good efficacy in various conditions and excellent selectivity on crops.

Thanks to the various defence mechanisms involved, Ibisco® is not subject to the risk of developing pathogen resistance. The absence of (eco-)toxicity (not classified) and residue (no MRL, PHI or delay of re-entry) makes it a perfect fit for modern Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Ibisco® is also authorised in Organic Farming.

Authorisation number16509
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