COS-OGA, a disruptive technology

Our Company has been developing, registering and producing plant defense inducers for several years. These products have the ability to trigger the natural defenses of plants against biotic stresses. Applied preventively, this type of solution improves the natural protection of plants against various diseases, solely acting on plants and having thus no direct effects on microorganisms. Consequently, they are devoid of all toxicological and ecotoxicological effects on the environment. In particular, we have identified, patented and registered a new active substance, “COS-OGA”, made of chitosan oligomers (COS) and pectin oligomers (OGA). We are able to precisely assemble these oligosaccharides to form supramolecular complexes, leading to an assembly of Pathogen Associated Molecular Patters (PAMPs) and of Damage Associated Molecular Patters (DAMPs) which act synergistically to activate specific plant receptors, thereby activating major defense mechanisms in the plants.

Improving our knowledge of the COS-OGA Active Substance

By making precise modifications to our COS-OGA active ingredient, we are able to tune the signal sent to the plants to induce different defense pathways. This is the heart of the difference between FytoSave® and FytoSol®, the two products we have brought to the market based on this active substance. While the first induces defense mechanisms effectively preventing infections by biotrophic pathogens, the second has been developed to trigger defenses effective against hemibiotrophic pathogens. Building on 20+ years of research on bound chitosan and pectin oligosaccharides, our team keeps developing our COS-OGA ingredients to further enhance their efficacy, their effectiveness on additional plant species, and the range of diseases they effectively help fighting.

Identifying new plant defenses elicitors

Our team works on new solutions to enhance plants protection against biotic stresses. By focusing on nature-derived agents able to stimulate plants’ own and natural defenses, we aim at developing alternative Plant Protection Products respectful of our environment. Our laboratory relies on state-of-the-art technologies and on a large know-how on plant pathology to perform multiple assessments of new active ingredients. By mastering analytical techniques ranging from the cellular level to controlled infections of multiple plant species, our team can efficiently assess the protection of new ingredients and new formulations, as well as to help defining appropriate dosages and frequency of application.

Valuing partnerships with experts

While we take pride in running our own research facilities, we consider partnership to be of the utmost importance to achieve our goals. Initially a University spin-off, we keep deep bounds with the Academic world and are active in multiple research projects through Europe and beyond. We also develop strong links with private companies recognized as leaders in their respective domains, looking for win-win relationships that can support each other’s objectives. Will you be our next partner?

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