FytoSave® is a disruptive and robust elicitor of crop defences, based on COS-OGA active substance, the first “low-risk active substance” adopted at European level which consists of a patented complex of natural oligosaccharides.

It acts preventively, activating the crop’s natural defences and making it capable of countering fungal attacks. FytoSave® represents a sustainable solution to fight mainly powdery mildew on vegetables, strawberries, grape but also rice blast and downy mildew on baby leaf crops. FytoSave® shows good efficacy in various conditions and excellent selectivity on crops.

Thanks to the various defence mechanisms involved, FytoSave® is not subject to the risk of developing pathogen resistance. The absence of (eco-)toxicity (not classified) and residue (no MRL, PHI or delay of re-entry) makes it a perfect fit for modern Integrated Pest Management (IPM). FytoSave® is also authorised in Organic Farming.

By stimulating the salicylic acid (SA) pathway in plants, FytoSave provides optimal protection against biotrophic organisms such as powdery mildews.

Because of its ability to stimulate the plants’ natural defences, it is a preventive product. It is also described as cumulative in the sense that its efficacy will be higher after two to three applications.

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FytoSave is present in about thirty countries worldwide, including twenty countries in Europe

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